My mind holds only what I think with God, and in quiet I receive God’s word, and remember all that I give is given to myself.

It is so blessed to know that in just a few moments, when I just relax and be still I can be at peace. I don’t have to sit in a certain way, and I don’t have to watch anything other than the thoughts that cross my mind, and discern which thoughts are mine, and which thoughts are Gods.

I don’t have to be a mystic or a saint, nor a guru or a high priest. I don’t have to be trained in “breath work” or impossible poses, or have on certain rings, or do chants or anything else. I am not saying not to do all of that if I were to feel it necessary, but for the average Joe like me, I don’t need it. (God just Is and comes to a quiet mind, preferably without the distracting baggage, or uncomfortable emotions and thoughts. You don’t have to try to get rid of the junk messages in your mind, just let your “Higher Self” take them away.) I do know from experience, that when I have driven heavy equipment across an icy terrain at 100 kilometres an hour, that I can still find those thoughts of “God”, real or imagined, that bring me peace and joy without losing focus on what I am doing in the here and now, at work or play. I just look at the thoughts of worry, frustration, fear, anger, greed, etc., and realize that those are not the thoughts of a loving God, whatever I might conceive or imagine that Idea to be. The “God” that has my attention is a very Loving force, or potential, and that power of Love is available to any living being, any time, anywhere no matter what!

When I make a small effort to start my day, especially one of those hurry, scurry, go-go days, with some loving thoughts towards people, places, things, and events, I usually have a much kinder more peaceful day even when I am going full tilt at whatever I am doing. If I get angry, sad, worried or frustrated I can just choose once again. There are basically only two emotions, and those are Love, or fear. I’ll choose the former any time, as the latter, as all of us already know, does not serve us well at all! To get caught up in “false evidence appearing real” makes no sense at all!

The benefits to others you might find yourself with can benefit immensely with your keeping your head, when everyone else is losing theirs! I have also found that when I am kind to folks, I get that kindness back, although I am not kind for some kind of payoff. It just feels good to be helpful if you can. We have all had so called “stress filled”, or, in other words fear filled days, and that’s OK too. It just teaches me that if I do happen to run across someone that is freaking out about some issue or other, I don’t have to be upset with them, just simply recall that I too have wigged out at times about nothing! When I just lend them an ear, and listen to their plight, I don’t have to say anything, just let themselves listen to themselves, and for the most part, they usually see that with a little “forgiveness” work, it all straightens out. In this case, by forgiveness I mean “forget about it”! We all make mistakes, and that is what gives us the lessons we need to learn. Ask any person that has a lot of experience in any arena of life, and they will tell you that they made a lot of mistakes to get there!

It is in gratitude that I slowly start to learn, and experience that my self-deceptions, about what and who I am, start to dissolve. Those little or big lies I tell myself in a state of denial are not the Truth. It is like a dog chasing it’s tail thinking that he is going to eventually catch it!  When I do stop to think about it, I can’t really recall at all what I was upset about yesterday, last month, or even years ago. I begin to see that it is all transitory, and down here on this plane of existence life just happens, with or without my consent. It is just a matter of accepting all that happens to us as what it is. It is also a development of trusting in the “Good and Whole” in all that is. We as a collective mind, have spent a lot of time trying to figure out why this is that, and that is this, and yet we don’t get answers right away. Sometimes we don’t get answers at all, and that’s OK too. Sometimes too the answers come right out of nowhere, simply because we stopped worrying about it, and just let all things be as they are.

Today is going to be a great day for all of us if we let it be that. I don’t have to fight myself or anyone else to have peace. I don’t have to get my way to know happiness. After all, if you are anything like me, my ways are often the wrong way, but that’s how I learn. Today, as often as I can, I will just be still, if only for an instant, and hear a word from a Higher Source, a Peaceful Source and a Loving one too. From that word or words, I will act on it/them and become a kinder, more loving and compassionate human being. Have fun!