My Mind holds only what is important and essential to me.

Hello Friends,

My name is Mark and I not only have an acute (at times) perception addiction, I also have an insatiable craving for the truth. The phenomenon of craving can only happen after you have had a taste of the real thing! It is not an addiction as in being a fanatic entails my being a slave to something or someone. I am not a hostage to this world or any facet of it, and if you are reading this neither are you!

My good friend, my Brother David, gave me this website for a birthday present this year, and with the help of some friends entitled it: Whole Soul Experience. In other words that could be said as “A Holy Encounter”. I am presenting this as my first blog, and I am not a professional anything right now. I am simply a person whom desires the real deal, and I am getting that by being a student of A Course in Miracles. I know only a little, but I do have a fervent desire to share the little I have with whoever might be reading this! You did not get this message that follows by mistake, as I already know that you too are curious about “what is” and “what is not”. I am doing this only because I am feeling that it is what I was meant to do, or my part in the “whole” or “one” or purpose while I am here.

I must say that I have selfish reasons for writing all of this down because I know that I will grow from it also by merely being who and what I am at this moment. These are actually notes to My One True Self. I am aware that I might make mistakes along the way, but hey, that is all good too. I am not a master at anything. I am a part of all that is, just like you, and I would just like to do, as much as I am willing, to fulfill my purpose, and that is to accept the undoing of my mind of all of the mistaken thoughts I have had, do have, and will have in this linear time line we collectively call life.

I did not know where to start so I thought I would just start from where I am at, and that happens to be with this lesson that is in A Course in Miracles, and somehow it seems very appropriate for the beginning.

So here goes, we are all Loved, and it does not matter what you call it, IT LOVES YOU!

                                                      My Mind holds only what I think with God.


What a statement!; and yet it is true. I am a Son of God, and the first two words of the Lord’s Prayer states that completely. Our Father, not my Father, and so I know I am not some orphan, or something lower than. We are all equal. The name of God is my inheritance, and so, being created in God’s image and likeness and as being Spirit that is all that I really am, and all that I Am can really think of. I add here that God is in no way a “body”, and unfortunately that is exactly what some of us think of somehow, and yet we know that Spirits don’t have them. Why would they even want them? All of the rest, the worldly thoughts, that were made up by the identification with “me, I, and my” and have no real value, simply because all that is made, manufactured or conceived of eventually falls apart, crumbles, and is no more. Ashes to ashes dust to dust. Illusions, smoke and mirrors, and lots of magic, or sleight of hand, ideas, places, species and events which eventually, in and of themselves means nothing. Nothing in this world, universe, galaxy or anywhere is real, and hence there is no real satisfaction; fleeting yes, forever, no.

The other way of looking at it is that, Forgiveness is the key to happiness and Forgiveness offers everything I want. (W.141) Everything that “I Am” is eternally happy, loving and at peace. If I want more than all else to be happy I am going to have to go with either the world and its ephemeral gifts, which offer only limited and time based contentment, or go with limitless forgiveness which is of the sane mind, and goes beyond materialism straight to the Spirit or “I Am” which has no beginning or end. Bye-bye duality! It just is. The key is willingness to look at the distractions of the world, and its myriad choices, or to go to the Spirit which is in reality, after all is said and done, the one and only option.

Forgiveness means to me to overlook anything, any time, and any all of my so called problems, and through desire for truth being willing to let them all go. They serve no real purpose for me now.

Now is all there is of time, as it does not have a past or a future, and this instant of time is the gateway to infinity. The key is to look at anything of this world, which was made up by “the collective me” (all of us) as a distraction against the Truth which is of God, and have the willingness to let it all go, even if it is one thing, time, place or situation at a time. This requires constant vigilance and was not and is not always an easy thing to do for myself because I still have a sick mind; but with mind training, and help from mighty companions (angels, friends, spirits, books, videos etc.) all of us can get there. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, it does not matter; we are all going to evolve to acquire the great fact that we are just Love eventually. The Beatles said it best in that hit song, All You need is Love! It is just that while I am here in this illusory world, in my made up fantasy dream, to remind myself as often as I can remember, that this is not the “Real” world, and it was made up by all of us as a perplexity and complexity against the simple truth. I am a bit of a science junkie and the internet is full of scientists of all types and description concurring that this world is just a figment of your imagination! Nothing here lasts and only Truth is true.

The Peace of God is my one aim and solitary goal, and the discipline of Forgiveness will get me there in an instant when I remember the key to those seemingly locked doors in my mind that are a bar, or defense against verity, to what I truly desire.