In my defenselessness my safety lies.

Opinion on Lesson 153 from A Course in Miracles.

The meaning of this lesson comes through loud and clear for me. I am not going to fight anyone or anything, and just let all things be as, he, she, it, them, us, you, me, they are.

If someone says something derogatory to me, I don’t have to defend it. I don’t take it personally simply because I have already gotten myself out of the way.

One of the biggest addictions going now-a-days is paranoia! It is rampant in the world at large because they’re a lot of folks that actually believe that the six PM radio/television news gods have clearly indicated that more conflict is on the way in the form of some event, some people, places or things. So we get ready for the fight, and wear our heavy armor, because the next barrage of “whatever” is just around the corner! Talk about imagination, and yet it is the sense of threat the world encourages that is so much deeper, and so far beyond the frenzy and intensity of which we can conceive, that we literally think ourselves into becoming sick, tired, lonely and afraid.

We become frightened of people, places, and things, and become weary, and so bled out after the days battles, that we barely make it home, usually after performing a job we don’t really enjoy, and then plop into the lounger, and turn on the six o’clock news again for another dose of death on the installment plan.

This lesson states obviously for me that I don’t have to accept the unacceptable, and I don’t have to judge it, decimate, analyze, figure it out, or try to get it my way. My way does not work; and although something or someone in my perception might be foolproof, well, they’re not God proof. It is then that I can go to the Holy Instant, give it to the Holy Spirit, whatever might be problematic for me, and therein lays the answer to the dilemma. I need to do nothing, just change my minds focus and let the Force bring me back to “no conflict”. Jesus says to just turn the other cheek. I keep my eyes on the road and the lights up ahead, instead of turning and holding attention to a distraction which has nothing to do with my goal. When I am driving a vehicle I don’t stare into the rear view mirror for directions either!

It’s as though I am once again preoccupied with past thoughts and outcomes as a quick fix to my trouble. When I am in that defensive state I have forgotten who and what I am. I have forgotten that nothing outside of my mind can hurt me, and I have forgotten that this “view of the world” that I have is coming from my frantic mind. The world, this body, and the mind I experience all of this with, are entirely neutral things, a blank canvas, and I could draw a beautiful picture of whatever I perceive if I were to be at peace, or defenseless. What is truth, our innocence, needs no defense.

To truly let go would be the easiest thing in the world because to let go, or forgive, is simple and easy and requires no effort. It is to lose my grip on trying to fix something or someone. It is all about “relax” and to stop taking everything here so seriously. There really is “nothing” to get upset about! I don’t perceive my own best interests anyways so why not just give it my best shot at whatever it is “I am” trying to accomplish, which is peace, and let the problems that don’t even exist go.

Defenselessness is strength. The choice is always made between Christ’s strength and my own weakness, seen apart from the Christ within. There is only one choice, unless I want to play an insane game!

I am going to be vigilant today for the Light, and I am not going to get caught up in a sick fragment of a dream, which just might come as attack on my “imaginary” personality. I want to play one of those happy games that teach that the game of fear is gone. I am, as often as I can remember, going to look for the light in everyone I meet today. For now, this instant, I will focus on the light within, and make certain that it is there, before I look out.

Be gentle with your self, have fun, and keep up the good work!


One thought on “In my defenselessness my safety lies.”

  1. Hello I’m now experience some changes in my life I’m taking all the suggestions the one has I’m learning to not take anything personal because it does take a number I also have slot of addictions but I take one day a time one moment this second to work hard on healing the garbage the I put in my mind so yes I need to take care of myself and not worry about everything and everyone just focus my breathing techniques

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